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September 2019 Training Month at Tahoma

The September 2019 training period at Tahoma Zen Monastery begins on Thursday the 5th, and concludes Monday the 23rd. The online application can be found here: Sesshin Application

FULL TIME RESIDENTIAL TRAINING is available September  5 – 23, 2019

OSESSHIN: Thursday, September 5 – Thursday, September 12, 2019
Kokuho is Thursday evening, September 5.  Osesshin, led by Harada Roshi, concludes the evening of Thursday, September 12.  Full time participation is required.
Apply here: Sesshin Application

CALLIGRAPHY DEMONSTRATION, Friday, September 13th, 1:00 p.m.
Nalanda West
3902 Woodland Park Ave North
Seattle, Washington, 98103

KOSESSHIN: Friday, September 13 – Monday, September 16, 2019
Kokuho is Friday evening, September 13.  Three full days of sitting led by Harada Roshi.
Apply here: Sesshin Application

JUSEN GARDEN BLESSING & OPENING, September 17th, 10:00 a.m.

KOSESSHIN – Wednesday, September 18 – Monday, September 23, 2019
Kokuho is Wednesday evening, September 18. Five full days of sitting led by Daichi Zenni.
Apply here: Sesshin Application

The application deadline is Friday, August 2.  Acceptance emails will be sent soon after the deadline date. Please send your sesshin fee once you have been notified of your acceptance.  The maximum cost for the month is $600.  The cost of Osesshin is $400. The cost of kosesshin is $60/day.
Schedules, guidelines for conduct, and directions to the monastery can be found here: Sesshin Guidelines.


Attending Osesshin is a commitment to full time participation.  Kosesshin allows for less than full time participation.  In order for kosesshin to run smoothly we request that you provide your arrival and departure dates and approximate times, and keep us updated of changes.  Temple housing is limited so we appreciate your flexibility.  Any help with set up before or clean up following sesshin is greatly appreciated.  There may be a wait-list for any “segment” of this month of practice. People on the wait-list will be contacted immediately as spaces become available.


Thank you,
Rozan Lenny Gerson

Whitman College Retreat

Jeremy, Danny, Jason, Shawn, Jaazia, Jiyu, Mia


Whitman College Retreat

For a week in early March a group of seven students from Whitman College came to experience daily life at a Rinzai Zen Monastery.  We followed the general day schedule with choka, zazen, formal breakfast, samu and a formal lunch.  Additionally we had a session each afternoon where we discussed topics surrounding monastery life and Rinzai Zen with ample time for personal experiences and questions. On the last afternoon at the monastery they went to Enso House where Sōen and Ann discussed the hospice and its relationship to Tahoma. The students ended their week with a day of decompression at Jisai’s beach house. By all reports it was a fruitful experience for the students.

This retreat wouldn’t have been such a success without the efforts of Jiyu, Myokan, Seiwa and Sōen in the tenzo. Extra special thanks to Jiyu who flew up from Portland and apart from being tenzo also helped  with shopping, the teas and with the students.

Another picture of the group and a bit more information can be found in the April Tahoma Newsletter.