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Tahoma Zen monastery holds sesshin throughout the year.

Shodo Harada Roshi leads sesshin in February, May, and September.

Daichi Roshi leads sesshin in March, May, July, and September.

Sesshin in Feb, May, and September costs and application process will be outlined in the sesshin announcement.

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Cost is usually approximately $50 a day for housing and food; the teaching is free. Donations are always welcome. Month long sesshin training periods are around $500 for the month. Attendance can be arranged regardless of ability to pay. Daichi Roshi’s Kosesshin are by donation (suggested $50/day, or as able to pay).

Information when sesshin will be held can be found here:

Guidelines for conduct, what to bring, and other details are here.

Directions to the monastery can be found here.

Daily schedules (which may change) are linked below:

  • Ko sesshin: have a longer morning work period and either rest or study in the afternoon.
  • Samu sesshin: have a longer morning work period and Teisho in the afternoon
  • O sesshin: have a short work period then zazen in the morning and Teisho in the afternoon
  • These begin with a ceremony the night before Sesshin (called Kokuho with a short sit and opening speech). Template schedule for the day before sesshin is usually: Free style lunch at noon, free style supper at 4 pm, Orientation at 5 pm, and be on cushion at 7:45 Pm for Opening ceremony at 8 pm.


Retreats during month long trainings in February, May, and September with Harada Roshi and Daichi Roshi

  • Fill out the application before the deadline (apply to receive mailings HERE )
  • Pay the registration deposit.
  • Your application will be reviewed.
  • Your place in the retreat will be confirmed about four weeks after your application, approximately one month before sesshin.
  • Your confirmation will contain all the details you need to visit the Monastery, what to bring, what not to bring, directions if you are driving, etc. Information is also found here.
  • Refund policy will be described in your acceptance email. Generally there is a $100 non-refundable deposit withheld for cancellations. Emergency withdrawals are handled case by case.

Thank you for your participation!

All Sentient Beings are Essentially Buddhas. -Hakuin Zenji

“The physical body you received from your parents, that is why the connection to our parents is the strongest one. Looking more deeply into it we can see that it is the same consciousness which has been passed down from grandparents to parents to you. Your deciding mind, that is yours, yet that which lies beyond, that is the same consciousness of each and every being on this planet. Future and past meet here. Your consciousness is the universe as is, which does not die nor is being born. The place where you feel joy and sorrow, look at this place from a deep experience of zazen. That is where true inner peace can be found, and the wisdom to see beyond arises naturally.” -Shodo Harada Roshi