O Sesshin schedule

3:50 am    Wakeup bell (3:20 am in May)
4:30           Sutras
5:00           Zazen (sitting)/Sanzen
7:00           Breakfast
8:00           Samu (daily work)
9:20           Assemble in zendo
9:30           Zazen
11:00           Lunch (main meal)
12:45           Assemble in zendo
1:00           Teisho(dharma lecture)
3:00            Exercise period
3:50            Assemble in zendo
4:00            Supper
5:50            Assemble in zendo
6:00            Golden Hour (uninterrupted zazen)
7:00            Zazen/sanzen
9:00            Sarei(tea)/Closing Sutras
9:00  on       Yaza (night sitting)
This schedule is subject to change.

Please arrive the Day Before Sesshin, the Opening Ceremony, Kokuho, is at  7:45pm. (in evening), the Orientation is at 5 pm.

Please consider arriving a day or two early to help setup the monastery for sesshin.

The schedule for the day before Sesshin is;

Choka: 5-6 am
Zazen 6-7 am,
7 am, breakfast, break, work.
Free Style lunch: 12:30
Free Style Supper: 4:00 pm
Orientation in Dining Hall 5 pm
Seated on Cushion: 7:45 pm
Kokuho- Opening ceremony with talk : 8 pm-9 pm,
9 pm  Kaichin, brief evening chanting in kitchen

Please check in if you are late … 360 331- 4142 or sesshin@tahomazenmonastery.com